Monday, May 13, 2013

Danger! Will Robinson

Our first major setback occurred yesterday in the new home.  We had a flood in the basement that occurred on our 3rd night in the house.  We went down to the basement only to step into a 1 inch puddle of water in the bathroom.  Admittedly I did use the toilet but it was only for a #1.  So I knew it was not our fault.

I called the PM who got Roto Rooter out on a Sunday and a water damage restoration team on scene within a few hours.  Roto Rooter determined that the cleaners or whoever flushed some paper towels or baby wipe biodegradable towels.  Causing a blockage and a slow backup.  Roto Rooter said do not believe the hype these biodegradable cleaning towels are full of it and cause more stoppages and problems than anything else they deal with.

Next the water restoration people told me to buy some alarms at Home Depot/Lowes etc that will warn you when you have some water building up.  If we did not luck out and discover this later by it would be a whole lot worse.

RH needless to say footed the immediate bills and handled themselves in an exemplary manner so far.

 Since these photos they have torn out the carpet and what I am awaiting to see is if they replace it all or just the sections.

Meanwhile, we have Tuesday as they day the yard get put it, tv get hung (allegedly), shower door people come back wit the new one or something...all kinds of stuff.  Should be a busy day.


  1. Yikes! Good to hear RH sprung into action to take care of it. Hopefully they give you the option on the carpet (whether to do the small sections or a larger area). I wonder if it will look off if only a small area is replaced.

    Also good to know the suggested cause. Our elementary schooler been using flushable wipes and we've yet to encounter a backup (same with our relatives and their children), but it's definitely something we'll keep an eye on.

  2. Sorry this happened to you, flooding is never a good thing.. I am glad that RH did not give you any trouble (I can imagine a scenario blaming the customer for flushing the paper towels and wipes). I hope they replace your carpet too.

  3. WOW! Sorry about that...Hope RH will take of the carpet. And hope this never ever happen again.

  4. I'll admit, service after the sale is one thing that concerns me, but it sounds like this is being dealt with in a professional manner.

  5. Am glad Ryan responded in a positive way, that's first class customer service.

  6. Good to hear Ryan is taking care of their customers.

  7. That was a really quick response and it is really good to see that they are taking care of you! When/if you buy the alarms will you post some information on them? I am really intrigued as our basement will be finished I do not want to wake up to any surprises either!

  8. Wow!! Did you find out if they are replacing the carpet yet?? It doesn't look great when they piece it together !!

    1. Yes just added my latest entry if you want to see the newest.

  9. Yikes! At least you were able to spot that problem early and have it repaired rather than discovering it months in. And kudos to them for responding quickly to the problem at hand and even footed the bill themselves. Such nice people.

    Herb Koguchi