As anyone who builds with Ryan Homes knows Guardian is the only option for installation of in home wiring eg; telephone, cable, and data ports etc.

Personally, I think Guardian is over priced for what they provide.  My model is allowed 5 connections.  In my case I chose all data ports in the below diagrammed locations.  Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

I envision our morning room being a multi computer station. I plan mounting a TV over the fireplace.  Although some suggest the wall between the windows is better.  That's where I was thinking of putting the Christmas Tree.

Guardians Website

TV over the fireplace or between the windows?

Wife says "no" to TV in the bedroom

So far my experiences with Guardian are all negative.  First, they tried to insist that I drive to their showroom over 35 miles away.  I don't need Guardian to tell me what the difference between a cable, phone, or data port.  So I declined.  Once I did not go to they would not answer my emails or phone messages.  Only when the PM called did "Brett" call me back.  I haven't heard from him since.

For the prices Guardian charges I could buy a 1000 feet of cat cable for a single data port.  Brett said the prices were set and not negotiable so you can't even reason with them.  No thanks!  Customer service and communication in my experience is near 0.


  1. My wife was adamant about getting cable hook ups in every bedroom, regardless if we thought we would need them. Fact is, it may be a month, a year, or 10 years, but you may decide to put a tv in there, or sell the house, and something like a cable jack in there will make all the difference.
    I originally thought I would want the tv over the fire place. I am so glad I didn't. We have ours on the wall that would be your storage/laundry room wall. It works great there. I have read many don't like the high angle of a tv over the fireplace. my .02
    I have posted a fair amount about going in pre-drywall and adding low voltage boxes with smurf (flexable) tubing myself. Then after we move in, I can pull any wire/cable through I want.
    I, as you, found guardian ridiculous for what they offer. I payed extra for cable jacks in the rooms the wife desired, but that was it. Installing smurf tubes and outlets allowed me to run the wires/cables I needed myself.

  2. I am a little concerned about the high angle now that you mention it. I also planned on getting a large TV as well. I am going to do some work myself just prior to dry wall to address some concerns.

    I guess the main problem I have is if the tv is on the wall it seems that you would not be taking advantage of the fireplace much which I hope will be the main show piece of the room...

    I really like the suggestion regarding the wider driveway. Appreciate the link on the Rev A Shelf or whatever its called too.

    Thinking of adding some insulation to quiet noise between floors/rooms. Wanted to get cast iron plumbing put in to cut down on water noise but told that was a no go from Ryan.

  3. I'm with you 100% about Guardian pricing. for less than a $100 I can run as many lines as I want but unfortunately they will not allow during pre-drywall.

    We ended up paying over $1k just for a few lines ($150 per line). It's pure profit for them.
    I wonder if Ryan Homes get some of the profit as well.

    As for the TV over fireplace, I'm against it. It'll be mounted too high and make watching TV uncomfortable. Also, takes away the Aesthetic of the fireplace.