My opinion of some of the better tips and tricks I have found on the internet and other blogs out there.

  • Get a dedicated gas line hook up installed for your deck bbq.  Quit lugging around empty propane tanks for refill.

  • Get electric outlets on top of the fire place mantel and top of the stairs for the bannister.  (For holiday decorations).



  • Get an electric outlet in your master closet for ironing.  Or if your into public safety thing for recharging lights, radios, etc.

  • I have not tried this yet myself but I heard you can work a deal with the concrete guys and get your driveway widened to 20 feet.  So you don't have to have to step out of the car into the grass.

  • We are getting electric outlets put in the back of the vanity so we can leave hair dryers etc plugged in all the time and left in the vanity drawers instead of precariously balanced on the sink ledges.

Always hated stuff piled up on the vanity and electrical wires exposed near running water.
  • We are also getting double outlets next to the bed.  Everybody talks about recharging stations on the kitchen island, laundry room, or mud room.  We however have to answer the phones 24/7.  Another advantage to being government employees (you are never off or unavailable by phone!)  So our charging stations will double as night stands. 

  • Do you have a wife who always comes to bed after you?  Refuses to leave the light off when she walks in the bedroom.  Then gets in bed and says "Woops I forgot to turn the light off honey." After your totally snug of course.  Well do what I did get a wall light switch mounted next to the bed.
But she's a hottie so I let it slide every time.

  • Big thanks to Sgt. Rich for the Rev A Shelf Idea.  Always hated getting on my knees looking for pots and pans way in the back of cabinet.

Rev A Shelf
  • We are getting a deck and we will be putting a hut tub in underneath it.  Instead of a cold damp, moldy, and dreary area we are hoping it will look like this.  Installing these panel underneath the deck will keep the area dry and bright.  I'm pretty sure Sgt. Rich is a genius.

Timber Tech Link
  • People complain about noises from other rooms and between floors.  While I have not done it personally I intend to insulate interior walls and floors of noisy areas; laundry room, HVAC room, and as I tell the wife make a "sound proof cocoon out of the master bedroom".  I will try to insulate the first floor from the basement as well. Hopefully, I will not be in the basement and hear people walking around upstairs.  While in the kitchen I hope I will not hear hear noise from the basement.  The laundry room and garage are under the master bedroom so thankfully RH will insulate the garage standard.  Guess If I get quiet garage door openers I will be good.
  • Need more room in your basement?  Reconfigure your HVAC room wall line (If applicable).  In my case this is the Dunkirk layout.  The only thing they have to do is change the direction of the interior wall supports.  



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