Saturday, May 18, 2013

Before and Afters

Its been a busy week as many of you can imagine moving in, getting settled, finding problems, fixing those problems, and so forth.  Another delay was the birth of my step grandson Elijah who arrived just a few days ago.  So between fixing house issues and going to the hospital it has been a busy week.  I know this little baby is gonna like me more than his momma does cause unlike her I will spoil him rotten.

Meanwhile, back at the house we had a few issues the biggest probably being our mini flood from last week.  Turns out RH took care of the issue in a prompt manner.  I will give them an "A" on their handling of this customer service issue.  They replaced the carpet I cannot tell the difference.  They also replaced my stock of spare carpeting with a few more rolls.  This way if something goes wrong in the future I will have some on hand.


They moved it...

3 days and night of the this

After, but they didn't put the arcade back
 We also got step 2 complete of the goal of having a situation where if the dogs want to go outside they just go.  The yard was installed.  Its all sod it cost me an extra $900 but it beats waiting around.  Plus all the neighbors yards were still patchy years after their seed and straw jobs.  The survey people were out Wed but I think they are going to make it multi day project.  I saw them putting stakes in the back yard, saw them with their vision checking machines in the front yard, saw a handful of stakes in the side yard.  But not actual boundaries laid out for the fence yet.  The fence will be installed on the 21st.  I have also contemplated replacing Ryans door with a new door with doggy door built in.

They did a real good job of getting the rocks out of the yard too.  I was impressed as many people suggested they would not do that.  So in our neighbor hood you get no landscaping but they do provide 2 mulch beds and 2 trees.

Someone requested a close up of my patio stamp pattern.  Overall I am happy with the patio.  I think it adds a small touch of class over the broom brush typical stuff you get standard. 

The shower door has been replaced with the one I was supposed to have.  I took this photo this morning as I was getting ready for work so this is all for now.  I like it better than the old one but I am still not wowed.  Oh well I give it a good solid "B".

Got the fridge, tv, and living room furniture in and set up.  I could not take a photo of the most of it since the sassier step daughter was sleeping on the couch.

This is mounted over the fireplace now.


  1. Ohh wow. Looks like they did a great job!! Your kitchen looks great and I line the huge black French door fridge. What exactly did you want your shower frame to look like? I intend to switch out ours for a seamless and raise the surround tile to the ceiling.


  3. Congrats! He is so alert and handsome.

  4. Congratulations on the new grand baby! I often tell my parents they never treated me half as good as they do my children.

    I love that you had the backyard sodded as well. How large is your lot that is a great price you were given?