November 2012

11/28/12    Journey begins after viewing a short sale on a Dunkirk. 
11/29/12    Dunkirk I looked at off the market.
December 2012

12/03/12    "No way in hell I'm paying more than $210k" - Jason G   
12/13/12    Toured Model Homes
12/13/12    Community Selected
12/13/12    Dunkirk Model Selected
12/20/12    Contract Signed & Initial Selections (Paid more than $210k)
12/20/12    Dunkirk from 11/28/12 back on the market
12/27/12    Lot Hold / Deposit
12/27/12    NVR Mortgage Application
12/27/12    Sold Sign on lot map

January 2013

01/04/13    My house on the market.
01/13/13    Accepted contract to sell my home 1st time
01/21/13    Housing inspection complete
01/29/13    Replaced electric wiring, water heater, and back door lock
01/30/13    Fixed roof

February 2013

02/04/13    Pre-Construction meeting with Ryan Homes
02/06/13    1st Home buyer could not get loan approved
02/06/13    We on the other hand were approved through NVR for a loan
02/07/13    My house on the market       
02/09/13    Accepted contract to sell my home 2nd time
02/14/13    Ryan Home break ground on my new Dunkirk
02/15/13    2nd Home inspection
02/17/13    Footers poured
02/18/13    Buyer accepts home inspection satisfactory as it is.
02/19/13    Deposited $500 from 1st buyer who failed to get a lan
02/20/13    Foundation Walls poured
02/25/13    Waterproofed Foundation
02/25/13    Back Fill
02/28/13    Lumber Delivery

March 2013

03/04/13    My house is appraised
03/05/13?  Basement Slab poured
03/05/13    Framing begins
03/08/13    First floor Framed
03/09/13    Second floor Framed
03/12/13    Basement Interior Framed
03/12/13    Garage floor Poured
03/12/13    Duct Work and Vents
03/12/13    Windows Installed
03/13/13    Underground Plumbing
03/14/13    Plumbing begins
03/15/13    Roof/Shingles
03/16/13    Garage Door
03/18/13    Electrician Installation
03/18/13    Insulation
03/20/13    Deck Ledger Board Installed
03/20/13    Pre-Drywall Meeting
03/22/13    Plumbing Inspection/Energy Star Inspection passed
03/22/13    Appraisal for our old house complete.
03/22/13    Ordered to pack up and leave my house by 4/1/13
03/22/13    Hedger Movers contacted; moving in with in laws on the 26th
03/25/13    Drywall begins
03/25/13    Wife is down.  Headache and high temp positive for influenza A
                  She elected to not get the flu shot.  I did runny nose and sore throat.
                  Regardless not the way to be prior to our big move tomorrow!
03/26/13    Said goodby to my bi-level where I lived for 12 years 9 months.
                  Move completed house cleaned.

03/27/13    Brick wrap added and drywall is hung.
03/29/13    Received pay off for old house.
03/30/13    Settled in somewhat to 1 bed room at the in laws.


04/02/13    Siding and shutters
04/03/13    Finishing & interior paint
04/05/13    NVR Rate locked 2.875%
04/07/13    Shutters and railings
04/10/13    Kitchen Cabinets
04/13/13    Concrete driveways and sidewalks
04/17/13    Trim/Cabinets/Doors
04/17/13    Deck
04/17/13    Vanities/Toilets


05/08/13   Final Walkthrough 10 am
05/08/13   Closing 4 pm


  1. 12/03/12 "No way in hell I'm paying more than $210k" - Jason G
    12/20/12 Contract Signed & Initial Selections (Paid more than $210k)

    Bahaha! Love this!! LOL! My husband and I can relate. Been there, done that!