Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ready set clean...

A few new photos with the clean up under way...

15 lite door and clean floor

Deluxe Doggy washing station.  Look at that faucet!  Paws and claws will never be

Real fake fire


  1. Hi J Grisby,
    Everything LOOKS Gorgeous!! Did I tell I love the Maple with the Tan Brown granite...I DID....forgot!!! I absolutely love the combination! Your home looks so warm and cozy and I know you can't wait to move in!!

    Be prepared to burn off the initial fumes the first time you use your fireplace. As a matter of fact, just ask your PM to let it run before you move in for several hours so you don't have to deal with that awful smell. OPEN UP ALL YOUR WINDOWS!!

    We had our PM do this during our walkthrough which is when we discovered the bad odor.

    btw--Every time I see that 15 lite panel door I get pissed!!! I have to get my husband to move this up on my bunny-to-do list!! Ugghh I won't be satisfied until I get all my 15 lite doors installed.

  2. Interesting comment on the fireplace...I will ask the PM to take care of that.

    I really don't know where else I could have put a 15 lite door other than there. For the most part the other door lead to some unfinished areas which will function as storage or to areas where some privacy is expected.

    But If I remember right my house is the size of your master bedroom so I am sure you will get use out of them. Haha thanks for the tips!

  3. Pm just texted back and said they run the fireplace for a few hours prior to the quality walk through.