Monday, March 11, 2013

Follow up with PM

Yesterday we got a lot of good ideas from the neighbors.  We followed up with the PM and SR today.  We are trying to get a 6x10 section of the HVAC room to be used as livable area in the finished basement.  We also found out that the garage lighting was inadequate.  So we are asking them to install 4 can style light out there instead of light bulbs.  Finally we wanted the 15 light door thing in the kitchen to the basement.  We are awaiting answers.

Lot of electrical wires (including the receptacles) in puddles noted today yikes!

Wind was howling today!

Several windows installed

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  1. Love the GREAT Room!!

    We had water in the house from Sandy; but our PMs were on it.! They cleared the water out immediately afterwards, no damage, no MOLD which is the only thing to worry about, if necessary.