Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet the neighbors

Took the wife and her parents out to dinner tonight for their 65th and 68th birthdays.  He was last week and she today.  Afterwards, we surprised them with a visit to the home site.  They thought we were still at the hole in the ground stage and had no idea we came this far already.

Happy 68th abd 65th

Well before I could even look around a gaggle of neighbors marched over and introduced themselves tagging along with us and asking about options.  Many of them showed us which house they lived in, what options they got, and talked neighborhood politics.  Apparently there are 40 children in the area under the age of 12 and almost all of them are girls.  We were asked several times if we had children and I said we had "adults".

One of the neighbors Susan also has a Dunkirk and told me about her lessons learned so far.  The water pipes she said are very noisy. The pipes coming down between the morning room and the great room were especially irritating.  The water pipes from the laundry room can easily be heard in the great room.  Noise can be heard through the walls and that insulation even for the pipes is a regret of hers.

The garage lighting is abysmal in her opinion.  Apparently you get one light standard, she had 2 put in but there but the support beams block the light which created a fairly dark area by the house door to the garage.  So she had a third light put in just above the interior garage door.  If you get the 2 car garage she said the storage area does not come with an electric receptacle and one is needed there.  She also mounted a shelf above the storage area from a neighboring RH's thrown out wood wall.

Oh back to the laundry room the venting is generally directed toward the rear of the house.  Which interferes with putting a deck up since the deck will block the ports (Code violations in these parts).  In my case Ryan is building the deck so that should not be an issue.  However, she said get the vents directed toward the side of the house anyway.

A HUGE HUGE idea was to have the basement hvac room reconfigured.  Instead of this:

The above picture is the standard way RH's designs the basement the wall actually eats into your living space.  I never thought about this before!  Her idea below seems to create a significantly larger area.  She suggested that I demand to have the wall made like this instead:



So the icing on the cake was the 4 foot of extra driveway comment.  (See previous post 4 foot driveway saga) Just when I thought I put this issue to bed she said she paid the cement guys $500 dollars for the extra driveway.  A must have she said.  I have talked with RH about this and they said they draw up plans on what to build and get permits to build it.  They say the contractors will not do work on the side.  However, Sgt. Rich and Susan disagree.  Bottom line is I am going back tomorrow with a pen and paper and I am going to write down all her ideas and best ways of achieving them.  Apparently the PM hates her and she reports directly to his boss according to her haha.

We were invited to tour Susan's house which in many cases will be just like ours.  It was stunning!  Of course we are biased.  A few more lessons learned were to get the glass doors leading to the basement.  I realized the hvac storage room will never be anything other than storage.  I regretted not having the other storage area finished pictured above on the right finished.  All the guardian and electrical stuff will be in the hvac storage.  She like others suggested the PVC tube to go from the basement all the way up to the 2nd floor to put your wires in.






Me sideways

Papa Lusher

The 2 people who created the perfect wife

Me walking in the walk in closet

Everybody but the wife

They are not fond of stairs.  It's like garlic to vampires.  Wont kill em but they
don't mess with it.


  1. First, Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land!!

    We are Rick & Nadase who built a Rome in Maryland!

    Feel free to join our site so we can follow your Dunkirk new home journey at:

    I like Susan!! She is smart and thought out lots of creative ways to make the floor plan work!

    One tip I like to mention to folks if you have a spouse that uses a dryer or electric shaver to add an additional outlet under your bathroom cabinet to avoid unsightly wires. You can ways unplug it and it makes for a clutter free bathroom zone.

    We also made some non standard quests--lots if them that I overjoyed about--missed a couple but the BIG ones are in.


  2. Ok I just read your upgrades and you have the outlets covered in the vanity! Very nice!!

    Ok I am truly digging the laundry chute!! Are you talking about the traditional style? if so, i am tickled pink!! How will they create this?? I love this feature because I opted to keep my laundry in the basement but the Rome uses nearly every square foot of the main two levels at 3220 sq ft and when you include the finished basement our home now has 4500 sq feet

  3. Thanks so much always looking for new ideas. The laundry chute idea is beginning to lose its luster. They guy says he can put a box in the floor which is not really what I had in mind. I wanted more of a traditional chute. So that idea is on hold for now.