Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day late on these

Went and met with the neighbor Susan about her Dunkirk experiences.  She has been invaluable with her sagely advice.  Had a few pictures we took yesterday.  Looks like the windows were in for the most part.  They poured a concrete floor for the garage.  Also installed ducts and returns for the HVAC.

Bye Bye gravel hello poured concrete

These guys were hilarious they forgot they had a 2 wheel drive pickup and attempted to plow through all that mud and those puddles.  Thanks for the new ruts guys! and yes I could have told you that was going to be a mission failure before you even started.  Presumably after they were done cleaning up they put the garage door on.

Some more shots of the windows in frames.  It's almost as cool as watching paint dry!  But were only going to build once so we got it all.

The wow factor of the morning room

Front of the house left of the door

Again I am not taking the pictures 90% of the time as evidence by my wife's reflection

Goes over the door

Another cool window this is the "sitting room" in the master bedroom

Wooded view of the future
They also installed some of the HVAC stuff.  Many of the tubes and pipes were put in place.

This wall here will be reversed giving us a nice 6x10 bump to living area.
Wish I could say Thanks Ryan Homes you owe me one.  However it was Susans idea


  1. Wow, wasn't it just a few days ago they were pouring foundation? It's going up quickly. Love those huge Dunkirk morning room and sitting room windows. You really have a great view out back.

  2. Great pictures - keep them coming!