Sunday, February 24, 2013

Foundation walls are set

We visited the site today and discovered the foundation walls are set.  According to our PM they will do the basement plumbing, waterproofing, and "basement steel" on Monday.  The concrete basement floor will be poured Wednesday.  Finally, the infamous lumber delivery will occur on Thursday.  According to the other Dunkirk blogs I have read that's when the magic starts...

Our Basement Walls Take Form

With The Aid of Her Daughter My Wife Was Able To Look At The House.

That Front Porch Could Double As A Bunker!

Our Basement Window Cutouts
Soon Ryan's Stuff Will Be Replaced By Kim's Stuff

The View From Our Walkout
Man Our Basements Flooded!
Gotta Have The Lot Sold Sign In Here

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  1. Looking good! Our house was only basement walls not too long ago. Its an exciting journey watching your home being built! We've enjoyed every minute of it so far!!