Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walls getting ready to go up

Went out today since they told us the foundation was going up.  Looks like they got the forms up by lunch time but the concrete has not been poured.

My wife is on crutches for talking back one time to many (just kidding knee surgery)
So we are doing an one per trip shot of her in the car till further notice.


  1. How exciting! Things are going to move so fast!! Will you have a walkout basement?

  2. Yes the basement will be finished, with the walkout, and the stair closet option. Will be posting update tomorrow. Forms will be down but they will not have done the next step yet.

    1. We would have loved a walkout basement! It would have added so much more light down there. Lucky ducks!!

    2. We were blessed with a great realtor. She was a realtor, interior designer, and money woman all in one. She helped us pick out everything all with an eye on making it the most appealing for resale in the future.