Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Basement Finishing Touches

We stopped by today to see what the "basement steel", water proofing, and plumbing looked like.  However, it was raining consistently today and the lot was a mud pit.  Due to lack of proper attire (tennis shoes) I had to photo from the neighbors yard and the street.  Just realized the steel beams were the "basement steel" Duh!

Judging by the piles of sand and gravel in the front yard they were preparing the basement floor to be poured.  While we were there the back ho was loading the gravel in to the basement. 
Muddy Muddy Muddy and Some Rain For Good Measure

Lotsa rain and very muddy!


Super Cool!

Our Very Own Rocky Mountains


  1. welcome to the blogging club. This whole process will seem to drag and fly by all at the same time.
    Where are you building at?

  2. belay my last, I just figured that out in your tabs.

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