Tuesday, May 7, 2013

He said she said

Regarding the shower door "controversy" I went throught some old emails and found a picture they sent me of what they were going to put in.  Let me be clear I blame the shower vendor not Ryan Homes for this mix up.  I got a call tonight that the shower vendor threw up the white flag and RH is actually scrambling too.  They said they will work with me and want to make it right.  I was given some options about closet organizers, garage doors, and some other stuff they will tell me at the final walk through tomorrow.  Or they said they can come in and tear it out and put the right door in there.  The door I got is an upgrade they said haha.  I kind of doubt that.

What they promised

What I got.  It's not horrible its just not frame less.
In hindsight this is perfect wish I would have thought of this

What bothers me about my shower is the wasted space on the outside of the glassed area.  That is that much more room for me in the shower I don't have.  If I want to do jumping jacks in there I may need that room.  Whereas, in the bottom photo having a wall to put your stuff on is genius. I have a closet door to the right of the shower as well.  Look at that glass shelf that is awesome!  No door less cramped and more open.  So let this be a lesson to you do it yourself shower designers.


  1. Those shelves ARE awesome! Would have loved that!

  2. Wow! That IS awesome! Im interested to see how they resolve this and what you decide. Its horrible not getting what you were told. Im so missing my stone thats going to cost me 5 grand to add later! Fight for what you want now or you will regret giving in later.

  3. wow, either way that is a beautiful shower! I wish they would have allowed us to go seamless!

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  5. these are the kind of mistakes one wishes RH would make (where it looks pretty good, so you can keep it and get a free upgrade somewhere else instead) so one can really take them to the cleaners :)

  6. We decided not to take the bribes and just told them to put the correct door in. Then we will post the new pictures.

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