Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shutters, floors, shower, and railings

Just photographed a few goodies from the last few days.

Shutters up and siding done.

The siding is completely done.

Ledger board

Back siding done too

Close up of the brick and shutters color combination.

Introducing my wow Factor #3 (First two being the great room and kitchen).  The master you can see it beginning to take form. We got this instead of the tub.  The tub looks sooo cool but we know we wont ever use it.

So so excited about this...I had to pay and extra what dedicated readers...yes, "another thousand"  for a clear solid glass door with no frame.  Hoping it will turn out like I am envisioning.  We also got two shelves for the shower for an additional $300.  Will post more photos as this comes along.

Now back to the flooring...We got some of the hard wood flooring although its all covered here are a few sneak peeks.

Dirty but not scratched.

This whole area is hardwood

Here are the railing for the stairs.

and finally some garage goodies shots

and the happy couple

Aww rook at em!


  1. Love the shower! And the flooring!

  2. What kind of waterproofing is that on your foundation?
    In our community they only use the liquid waterproof (black paint stuff). The one on your foundation looks nicer and better quality.

  3. VEry nice! I love when people customize their homes to their personal needs. RH is not a custom builder; yet it's nice when they can accommodate the owners. Great job!

  4. Its an option. But they didn't have any one do it haha. So I'm running blind. I described it and they said ok but I didn't have a picture of the final product. Fingers crossed.

  5. The house looks really better with the shutters or custom blinds installed. The structure became really attractive and I think the color of the shutter is just right.

  6. We could not get an exact match on the door but we got something close. Looking forward to that being painted.