Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kitchen coming together

The highlight of today's trip was the kitchen.  The cabinets are somewhat installed.  The floor is close to done.  Took a few photos to show off the color combinations my wife made.

The upper middle class 42" cabinets. 

Peeled back the cardboard over the floor to give sense of what it will look like.


Yes sports fans we went with black not stainless; GASP!
  The concrete work is getting ready to begin as well.  Since we only got black appliances we were able to afford to widen the driveway 2 feet on each side.  Most people only get the driveway as wide as the garage door.  We on the other hand will step down on concrete in the event we dont park in the garage.

Wide Loads Welcome

My little dogs will be extra fearful now that it will be easier than ever to wash the mud of their little paws.  I also paid extra to get a spray nozzle added to the side.  Just gotta ask for that stuff.

Look at that tiny Fireplace in that Great Room

Railings added

All bathroom vanity's in

Molding added to all baseboards and windows too


  1. A lot of progress! What makes it even better is the work you put in behind all that drywall.

  2. Good choice with the widening of the driveway, we too got end of house to end of house with 6 extra feet past the house and along the house, we have many vehicles and need the room. they just wont give us a quote yet, I dont get it....may i ask a round about cost just to extend yours that little bit?? If you dont mind?

    BTW,nothing wrong with black appliances, my stainless are a PITA to clean!!

  3. The price for the driveways was "another thousand" which is Ryans answer to everything. In this case it came out to slightly under $5 a square foot. Which in my understanding is a good price. Plus I have the piece of mind to know its covered under warranty.

    Stainless is the hot look of today. I am hoping that while the black is not as "cool" at the moment it never looks bad (like the white) it just may not be the "it" color of the era.

    I assume balck will show fingerprints horribly but at least I wont need a special cleaner on the bright side.

  4. We got black appliances too! :) I know I'm in the minority but my parent's have stainless and are always having to clean it.

  5. I'm jelouse of your driveway! I always have to step in the grass when I park at my parent's house and that's how our driveway was unfortunately :( We got the stainless upgrade with the convection oven, I think I just wanted to spoil myself in the kitchen and neglect the practical things! lol it wasn't even a thought until now to extend the driveway but they just paved ours so we're a bit late :( And, if you ever want to change out the appliances, you can get good deals at sears outlet and sell your on CL for decent money.

  6. stainless appliances streak - you just can't wipe them with a damp rag - I have been using windex but they still streak if I'm not careful and they show everything too.

  7. We spoiled ourselves with the double oven for the wife's cookie business and the cook top which even to a typical man is kind of cool.

    When researching what to do with the house I googled "New homes must have upgrades." Read alot of blogs about it compiled a list of the greatest ideas. Then I separated the ideas by affordability and got the ones I could get without breaking the bank.