Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pregnant step daughters grace the "dirt mound"

My very pregnant step daughters graced the site formerly referred to by one of them as a dirt mound with their fanciful presence.  They primped, posed, and passed judgement on the various upsides or downsides of the project.

Fortunately, word on the streets was they were ambivalent towards the housing plan and no preparation was immediately made for them to move in.  All music to my ears.  God bless em...

Somehow it always ends up being "all" about them haha

Walking the proposed patio area outlined in paint

Welcome home Jason! I missed you said Tanya never...

Ahhh sisterly love at least while the camera rolls


  1. My favorite posts on the blog yet!!! <3

    1. That's my wife ladies and gentleman...41 posts so far and she finally speaks.