Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Knock knock. Who's there? Granite...Granite who? Baltic Brown.

Looking forward to visiting today since they said the kitchen granite would be installed along with the deck.  We noticed they also added most of the lighting and toilets since our last visit.  Without further adieu here is the wow factor kitchen we wanted slowly coming together.

 The driveway was finished up it looks like today as well.

The deck was completed this afternoon.  Again I love telling this story, RH promised me the deck would not interfere with the windows in the back of the great room.  They were wrong so I got 2 extra feet free!  For once they lost my money and I got something for nothing!

Gonna have to clear this out to get the hot tub under there.  RH said no problem.

Railings stained with the white spindles.

Shower with our $300 shelves.  Only option this or nothing.  Gotta put the shampoo somewhere.  

Leg shaving station.  Or If I get to tuckered out from standing up while showering I got a plan B.

They hang the lights upside down.  Guess they dont want people seeing what their ear hair really looks like.  

The electric outlet will be for the mantle.

Security lights that will never be tampered with unless you have a 30 foot ladder.
Mother in law looking at the view

Each vanity has an electric outlet for hair dryers etc.
Switch on the left is to the overhead light.  No more "honey I forgot to turn out
the light will you get it?"
Happy mother in law.  Angry buyer who thought he drove 45 min to the house
only to find it all locked up.  PM said to check the only door buyer didn't check.
Full bath in basement.  Realtor insisted I get this option
Data ports and cable ports galore



  1. The kitchen cabnets look so rich nice combination! you have a great view from your deck.

  2. You lights are up-side down! I know some ppl ask for them to be mounted like this, our PM said he has to do everything by the book no exceptions and when I said I've seen them facing up like this in a lot of homes he said that who ever installed them is looking at the picture up-side down then, lol. He said it's super easy to change it if you want though, they will collect more dust and, my issue, hair spray residue on them facing upwards.

  3. Nice pictures! We also paid for expensive marble shelves in our master shower. The flooring rep did say that we were more than welcome to install the standard white soap dish (and towel rack), but was shaking her head "no" as she mentioned this. She did say some people have insisted on having them installed.

  4. I laughed out loud at the picture of your husband on the phone! And I agree with Elise- that is an awesome deck.

  5. @ Rachel, that is the way they install all the lights. I know when they are installed the correct way I can really see the ear hair and my other imperfections much easier. So I guess I will just leave it alone. Ignorance is bliss. :)

    @ J and M I believe our shelves are travertine.

  6. Oh and @ newbietobuilding I the husband am the writer. I will take you thinking its the wife as a compliment to my alleged writing ability. Made my day haha.