Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday update

The yard has been returned to some levels of normalcy.  The roof has shingles now.  We officially have a garage door.  Guardian completed their tasks with the data ports.   One of the standard showers was installed in the upstairs bathroom.

I know I have flip flopped as bad as any politician on this driveway issues but I bit the bullet and had RH widen it to 20 feet.  I won’t bore you with the reasons why but it has to do with the warranty issues.  I also added the 15 lite door from the kitchen to the basement.  Finally, I put a fourth additional light in the garage.  When I close I will switch it over to some sort of fluorescent lighting.  I want to perform surgery in my garage.

Some photos of the data ports we got.  This house will be a technological marvel compared to any house I have ever grown up in, lived in, or rented.  Each bedroom will have data ports, cable connections, and more.

The yard was restored to some level of normalcy.

A lotta communication going on between the PM and whoever is reading this stuff.

Gonna have to wrap these babies in insulation.  Word on the streets is that they are noisy!


  1. Glad you got the wide drive as I am sure you will be happy with the extra space.

  2. We had to fight a little bit for our concrete driveway as well. our community offers Asphalt only! We wont have it till spring either and are also paying the company directly to widen it.....

    Was your community already concrete?

    1. Yes our fight was whether the driveway would be 16 or 20 feet wide. Concrete is normal here.

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