Friday, March 22, 2013

Lot going on

This update is about 2 days late...

Been a busy week.  I just went from working till 2 am to getting up a 6am.  These old bones don't play that!  So going back to day shift means I also went back the gym.  So now I'm running, flipping tires, and doing lots of squats.  These old legs really needed the work.  Feeling stronger already.  So I was awfully tired this week hence the paltry updating.  So when I complained about all this to a co-worker she told she was doing the same hours and routine but was also working on her masters and training for a marathon.  So much for anybody being impressed haha.

But anyways, the house now known as the  "Grigsby Mahal" (Thanks Deb) appears to have advanced a lot on the inside.  The fireplace, windows, and doors are all in.  The plumbing, plastic showers, and electrical is done.  RH corrected the basement to the new configuration which give me that 60 sq foot bonus area.  The insulation is being added to the house.  I have contracted the master bedroom and laundry room to be done.  But I ended up getting the whole house done as far as interior walls go.  Wrapping all the water pipes that I could, wrapping the hvac, and putting insulation in between all the basement and upper floors.  I hope this will cut down on noise.

In the first bit of good news in a long time RH conceded they messed up on the deck and it wasn't going to work out the way they promised (Deck railings would not be in the windows).  So instead of a 14x16 Deck I am getting a 14x18 deck for no additional charge.  This was the deck railings and so forth will not be blocking my great room windows.  That probably just saved me "another $1,000"!

We did the pre drywall meeting on Wednesday March 20.  Other than a few light switch issues we found nothing unusual.   

Saw this on the way in.  Oooh the traffic

220 line

Full bath in basement

Dunkirk owners unite this is the new basement configuration!

Finished basement

Kitchen can lights

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Home of the future deck

Ryan homes sniper or faulty windows??.....the answer is classified.

"T" for thermostat

I can not confirm nor deny that these "might" be classified materials.

My first time sweeping our new kitchen floor

Hey Ryan that sweep job will be another $1000!  


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  1. Wow excellent pictures - hope you continue to sweep that kitchen floor!