Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thats a Wrap

We had to pack up leave our old house the last few days so we have not been able to check out the new one.  During the process of selling our house (which we did twice) we went through an inspection, fixed mutually agreed on things, and finally went to close.  The first time the buyer got cold feet and "couldn't afford the house".  The second time the appraisal of our house for their bank was supposed to take a week.  Ultimately, turning into three weeks.  Thus, when they got approval it gave us about 5 days to move out.  Well that's what we have been doing.  With the aid of Hedger Movers three men filled up a truck and put our hot tub on a trailer.  We dropped some of our stuff off at my step daughters house and we moved into one bedroom of my in laws house.  We went from 1188 square feet to about 200 square feet.  Of that 200 I'd say 100 is taken up with my other step daughters stuff that she didn't think was worth enough to take with her to her new home in the Carolinas.  This will all be made up for when we move into our new Dunkirk clocking in at 3018 square feet!  Speaking of which we did snap some photos today hence the title of this post.

Surprise!  Didn't know they were doing this.

Some other cool adjustments 1 bathroom for four adults.  Internet speed reduced from 30 meg service to 3 meg service.  But on the bright side we only have a car insurance bill this month about a $2000 savings!

Surround sound roughed in

Rear speaker roughed

My wife's uber sexy husband!

We got so carried away with connections we can hang a tv on the upper right wall

Data ports galore

Super cool shower of the future.  Hopefully a wow factor
We got this in lieu of the soaking tub which looks tremendous.
But we know we would never use it.

Upstairs view of great room

2 story foyer

Good thing my wife can walk stairs now post knee surgery

The Susan room in honor of the room idea creator

Were gonna use this as the laundry chute



  1. House is looking good! You will feel even more grateful when you move in now! Good luck in the temporary digs and hope the build goes fast!

  2. Very impressed with all the details and planning you and Kim have put into your dream house!

  3. That's awesome you were able to complete your "undisclosed operations" pre-drywall. Would love to do that, not sure if PM would condone it. Any advice for undertaking that sort of covert mission?

  4. Everything is coming along.... That is great you were able to sell your house we are just going to rent ours. Did you discuss with your PM that you were going to do the insulation?

  5. The house is looking great! Good call on the big shower instead of the bath and the extra space in the basement makes a big difference.

  6. A lot of people wait for months with no offers, so despite the selling of your house catching a few snags, I say you got lucky. That aside, congratulations on closing on your dream home! I hope the remaining builds and moving in are going smoothly. Thanks for sharing! -Calvin Mordarski@City Block Team