Monday, March 4, 2013

Okay I lied we won't wait till tomorrow to post an update.  I heard that the concrete basement floor was poured and thought we would just wait till tomorrow to show it.  To my surprise the wife enthusiastically agreed to visit the site.

We were delighted to see our showers laying in the front yard along with more wood frames and windows.  Tomorrow is the framing and we will see the first floor framed in a day and a half or so they claim.  By the way anyone have an opinion on these Ply Gem windows?  Do they seem to work well? Quiet any of the exterior noises?  Reflect that hot sunlight back out?  Just curious.

Wanted to make shout out to one of my favorite blogette's; Belinda!  By the way Belinda contacted the local planning commission on my behalf.  The planning commission who told me all RH has to do is re-submit the drawing of the 16 foot wide driveway and mark in a 20 foot wide driveway.  If they do that no problem.

If you haven't been following...I got some advice to get and extra 2 feet on each side of the drive.  The PM said no due to it being in violation of the permit.  Armed with this knowledge the PM went from saying "no" to "contact the sales rep".  Left them an email.  So now the ball is back in RH's court now.  What scares me is anytime I alter something they say "That's gonna be another thousand." (as in dollars!).

Hey girl put some clothes on.  That's not one of those shake weights is it!?

Everything is better in panoramic.

2 of 3 wood bundles look how tiny Kymmers is!

Such a cutie!

Our pre-fab stairs

Ply Gem windows

House will have a first floor tomorrow

Our Kohler "Sterling" showers in the front yard

If I knew she wanted some self portraits I would have combed my hair.


  1. All of that lumber is about to become your house! The framing of our first and second floors happened in just two days! It's amazing how fast it goes up.

  2. Looking good! Really jealous of your walkout! We wanted one but our street is too flat. :(

  3. The only problem with the walkout is you have to settle for a small yard and a steep cliff. I don't ski.

  4. Nice progress. In a couple of days it'll be looking like a house. Looks like you'll have a great view out of the back of your house.

  5. My wife and I were the same way;
    My wife and I were only going to go on certain days...But as soon as you hear something got done, too much excitement gets built up causing for an impromptu trip to see the progress. It gets worst, I promise!!! Happy Building!

    Check my wife and I out below: