Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 foot driveway extension saga

RH just got back to me on the driveway...

"Good news.  Just got approval to adjust the driveway.  Price to widen the drive to 20’would be $1,150.  Let us know and we can generate the change order and send it to you to sign."

Anybody have any comments?  Long way from Sgt. Richs' pay em an extra $300 on the side advice... 

For those of you not following we got some advice to widen the driveway 2 feet on each side.  Said it would make life better.  One suggested this may be done for as low as $300 possibly.  For they guy who is already cash strapped I am not sure this is the best way to spend $1150 when I still have some other secret plans that involve a do it yourself fix.  


  1. That does se to be a bit high even for ruan. I though they were like 6.50 per sq foot. I asked for it but was declined. So i was going to go sarges route myself. Im interested to hear what he suggests.

  2. That is a lot; I do know Ryan basically takes the cost of the option/upgrade and doubles it to get the price they charge you. Probably not the best investment.

    From what I've read on the blogs, there are a lot of things you can work with the contractors with without involving Ryan. Get the name of the driveway contractor now and give them a call - see what they can do for you.

  3. Ryan demands that their contractors not do anything on the side (until after closing). Guess I will try it after wards maybe.

  4. In our area Ryan does asphalt driveways which are obviously cheaper than concrete, but after we got their price to add another 12 feet of width to the driveway we called a local company and asked how much for a 12' x 40' addition to the driveway and they were about $1,000 cheaper. Ryan normally does 18 foot wide driveways and we want 30' across so we asked them to just line the driveway up with one side of the garage, that way when we have the contractor add to our driveway after closing they can add all 12' to one side and don't have to add 10' to one side and a 2' strip to the other. Although with concrete that probably wouldn't be an option unless you didn't mind having a visible seam.

  5. Ok at the end of the day I decided to not get the driveway. Ryan was going to charge less than $5 a foot so it was not the price.

    My realtor said not to spend money on the driveway to spend money on surround sounds and other options.

    I just decided I would rather put the money in a camera system, pre wiring for surround or radio speakers, and/or other technologies like data ports, or extra insulation.

  6. Neighbor told me the other day she paid $500 to the concrete truck driver for an extra wide pad. 20 feet instead of 16.

    RH's take is we will not be covered ny their warranty if something goes wrong.

  7. Just for the record I flipped and flopped for the last time and paid for the 20' wide driveway.