Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top Secret Operation Continues

Other missions are being carried out and will be completed by Sunday 3/24/13.  The details are classified.  When we have closed on the house and the statute of limitations is over we will reveal certain operational details to our blog friends.

This operators face is shielded to protect his identity

Hey that ain't standard issue!?  That's right it aint.
And that ain't neither...Work still not complete on that though.
TV support
Why would I want to hear whats going on downstairs when I am upstairs?
Our "Sound of Silence"

It's possible there may be more than 5 connections in here.


  1. Great job! I didn't have the energy to do that much. You are a machine.

  2. I cannot take any credit unless it comes to organizing and planning. :)

  3. Are the cans Insulation Contact rated? If they aren't it could cause a fire.

    1. Good catch. They are probably non-IC cans, but they probably have thermal overloads built into them. Of course the cans might cut out once the temp goes up. If they are non-IC rated you could always use CFL's in them. Or keep the insulation 3"+ away.

  4. According to my guy the cans are good nothing to worry about. Thanks though.

  5. Shoulda woulda coulda, jealous, wish we had had the guts to do it, good for you, keep us updated!