Friday, March 8, 2013

1st floor and 2nd floor framing

The wife snapped some photos today.  We went from having a sub floor yesterday to starting on the framing of the second floor today.  The workers put in a daylight to dusk day since they were supposed to already be done.  Earlier in the week the snow and rain prevented them from starting on time. 

But from the looks of everything we have a nice outline of what to expect in the future.  Here we see the RH signature morning room and below it our walkout.  I really like the tall windows in our family room.  There will be no absence of natural light in this house! 

Picture of the morning room and walkout

This $17k option better be worth it!

Look Maw that hole in the wall is our fireplace.

I still don't understand why you pay MORE for a walkout. 
Looks like they are using a lot LESS concrete!?

We got stairs!  I mean sorry baby we have stairs.

Wish we could have got a fireplace in the master bedroom

Some more natural light with our little basement windows.

My wife said she heard "ella" and "chica" alot from our non English speaking
friends.  I may have to come down there.  :)

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