Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Dunkirk Dream

After accepting that like my first love, my Ally was lost...We decided to pursue again the Ryan Homes Dunkirk.  I called Mrs. Adkins back and said if you can recreate my Ally I will pay up to $210k.  She agreed to try again with the numbers and we made an  agreement to meet at the model.

I told Mrs. Adkins that I really wished I could have an ALLY and a Fisher and to my shock and amazement Mrs. Adkins said that if I got the 3 bedroom Dunkirk instead of the 4 bedroom I would have the Fisher 2 story living room.  Whoa the best of both worlds.

At this point it occurred to me I could be in serious serious trouble as the balance of power presumably unknown to Mrs. Adkins began to shift in her direction.  The wife and I went to the model home at The French Quarter and learned of optional "Morning Rooms", "Upgraded Kitchen", "Gourmet Islands", "4 foot bumps", and "Upgraded baths".

We viewed the lot and determined it had enough rear yard privacy for our liking.  We like the fact they were willing to work with us in the price.  I guess I was in the right place at the right time because the offered me some incentives to get business going again in the area.  We priced out the house and they offered to lower the price on the final product over $15k in addition to half off upgrades up to $30k.  Finally, if I used NVR mortgage they would knock off an additional $7500.

Long story short where do we sign up!?  We got the dream house we wanted and we got it for a decent price.

Funny, thing 5 minutes before we signed on the dotted line we found out ALLY was going to be available again since the bank rejected the offer presented.  Hah sticker shock be damned we were proceeding forward.  Poor Ally still without power and unoccupied it must be a mess in there right now especially with the ice cold winter we had.  Poor little thing...

Look ma we bought a lot.

Here is our wooded view.

Someday it should look like this.


  1. Congratulations, Jason!! Another Dunkirk blog--WAHOO!! Welcome to the RH blogging community! I can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Hey it's my inspiration for writing this! Thanks I appreciate the support!

  3. Wow! Thats funny! Your story is ALOT like mine! I had a contract on a house and the agent sold it from under me without evem saying anything! We obviously deserved bigger and better! Congrats!