Friday, June 7, 2013

30 day inspection results

I have not updated in awhile since there has been little to report.  So I will summarize quickly a few lessons learned and other insights for you consideration. 

We just completed our 30 day inspection.  Ryan Homes asked around day 21 for the list on concerns and fixed them all prior to our 30 day inspection.  I knit picked as much as I could.  The main issues I had were with floor noise on the stairs, the railing was not stained consistently, some spindles seperated from the deck railing, and a lot of other little stuff.  All of it was fixed by Ryan Homes and the workers were all courteous.

If you would like to listen/watch stuff from your computer on the tv like movies, torrents, and music etc etc than check out the Rasberry PI.  It allows you to basically stream 1080p quality stuff wirelessly.  It has a built in storage unit should you want to plug it in.

I tinted some of my windows with 3M film for sun control.  Those huge windows allow the suns brutal rays to become magnified sometimes.  I noticed the interior temperature seemed to be much hotter than it should be. This solution has lowered my temperatures, reduced glare, and will protect my furniture and hardwood from fading by blocking 99.9% of uv light.
I want to say I am very satisfied with the interior insulation.  I hear nothing in this house.  I do not hear any water running in the pipes, I do not hear foot noise upstairs/downstairs.  In fact I do not know If I would hear anyone breaking into the house.

I would recommend the full yard of sod.  Most of my neighbors did not get that and they have been there much longer than me and most if not all of the rear yards are patchy with dirt spots visible.

Again, I would recommend the wider driveway (20 feet) it is still tight I would hate to get in and out with 2 less feet of concrete on each side!

Question for you guys/gals Is anyone putting 2 cars in the garage!?  I would not know yet myself since it is full of boxes but it looks tight.

Other than that we continue to get unpacked and settled.  Until next time!

Friday, May 24, 2013


We got the fence up over the last few days.  Now the doggies can run around whenever and wherever they want.  Other than that just watering sod and watching tv.  Got the computer table assembled tonight so I could write this update.

Both plugged into the data port in the wall!  No wireless wanted or needed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Before and Afters

Its been a busy week as many of you can imagine moving in, getting settled, finding problems, fixing those problems, and so forth.  Another delay was the birth of my step grandson Elijah who arrived just a few days ago.  So between fixing house issues and going to the hospital it has been a busy week.  I know this little baby is gonna like me more than his momma does cause unlike her I will spoil him rotten.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Danger! Will Robinson

Our first major setback occurred yesterday in the new home.  We had a flood in the basement that occurred on our 3rd night in the house.  We went down to the basement only to step into a 1 inch puddle of water in the bathroom.  Admittedly I did use the toilet but it was only for a #1.  So I knew it was not our fault.

I called the PM who got Roto Rooter out on a Sunday and a water damage restoration team on scene within a few hours.  Roto Rooter determined that the cleaners or whoever flushed some paper towels or baby wipe biodegradable towels.  Causing a blockage and a slow backup.  Roto Rooter said do not believe the hype these biodegradable cleaning towels are full of it and cause more stoppages and problems than anything else they deal with.

Next the water restoration people told me to buy some alarms at Home Depot/Lowes etc that will warn you when you have some water building up.  If we did not luck out and discover this later by it would be a whole lot worse.

RH needless to say footed the immediate bills and handled themselves in an exemplary manner so far.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shiver me timbers...

Wow the water is cold in this place.  I did a head count this morning and it was at least a minute before the shower water was warm (not hot).  I called the PM the first time this happened and he said the water heater is on the opposite end of the house as the master bedroom and it was probably a first time thing.  Ok seemed reasonable but on day 3 still a similar problem.  Anyone else experience this or is something wrong?  I will bring that up on the 30 day list as something that needs addressing regardless.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

More tips

We are in the process of setting up and furnishing the house.  I went to Sears and picked up a fridge, freezer, and tv.  We have completed the patio.  I still need to get a survey.  Then we can get the yard put in I paid an extra $1000 for the whole yard to be sod.  Figured it would save time since one of the doggies prefers to poop on the carpet instead of the weed bed/swamp across the street.

Luci in "time out" haha (coincidence) who could punish that little creature!?
We also got our garage door installed today.  The shower door people came in and removed my glass door to put the correct one in.  One of the biggest improvements was the removal of the water saver from the master shower.  Water pressure at least doubled.  For which I am eternally grateful to my wife who made that happen along with installing a ceiling fan while I was at work!  She's awesome.

Wife in action

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It ain't over till its over

I have hijacked my wife's account since my computer is laying on the floor.  So I am blogging first time ever on her I Pad.  It's very different than the pc and even the most mundane things like adding photos is sooo convoluted.  Any who, I unlike many other will not be silenced simply from moving into the home.  The blog rolls on!  Don't get me wrong my back is killing me and I almost fell asleep at 6pm for sure.

Here are a few photos of the patio.  This was completed by Groh Contractors 513-532-6927 in one day for this in the greater Cincinnati area.  They were very reasonable and friendly.  They are on Facebook and the web.

I logged in from the pc today and cleaned up this post a little as it needed it.  

Rear Patio

Slightly higher than $6 per sq foot.